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tv   The Reid Report  MSNBC  May 5, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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tod today. we start with the harping that began about president obama's conduct of foreign policy. the complaints should be familiar by now. the president is weak and has failed to project american strength abroad. it comes after a brutal weekend in ukraine where russia's meddling is bringing it one step closer to civil war. ukraine yan officials say four officers are dead and at least 30 more were wounded today as the military attempts to retake a key city in the east from armed russian protesters. >> at least 40 pro-russia airborne separatists were killed there on friday. most of them burned alive. special forces are being moved to the area, which is the first outside the east to see a major
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uprising. the word is that the -- one of ukraine's largest cities could mark the disintegration of the entire state. it's that crisis as well as the ongoing ones in the middle east that are fueling a debate over whether president obama, the president who can take credit for the capture of osama bin laden and an increase in drone strikes in the war on terror and who will preside over the end of the wars in iraq and afghanistan, whether that president obama is projecting american weakness around the world. just a short time ago john mccain made that case to nbc's casey hunt regarding ukraine's fight against the separatists. >> they don't have night goggles. they don't have light weapons, and to not give them the ability to defend themselves as this continues to go on is incredibly shameful. >> okay. so the fact that a republican who really wanted president obama's job would attack him is not exactly a surprise. what is surprising to some, however, are editorials like this one in sunday's "new york times". in it the times editorial board
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spends a lot of time critiquing mr. obama in detail on several points, including offering this conclusion. too often mr. obama's ambition seem in question. it does not feel as if he is exercising sufficient american leadership and power even if he is, many of the, working to solve a problem. but the question is do the american people who wanted a more sober rationale approach to foreign policy to follow the shoot first policies of george w. bush now want something other than the no drama obama they voted for twice. does american foreign policy need more force to be effective. david rode is an investigative reporter with reuters and the recipient of two pulitzer prizes and jack jacobs is the recipient of the medal of honor. i will start by saying i feel completely inadequate with the two of you that are so accomplished. i want to get to the question with you, david, first, on whether the president, overall, when you look at his foreign policy in total, has diminished the appearance of american
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power? >> i think american power has changed. you know, post-iraq and afghanistan, any president is going to be constrained in what they can do, but i also think the president is not doing the best job of selling his own foreign policy. there was the famous quote during his trip in asia where he talked about hitting some singles and some doubles. that's not the kind of leadership americans expect from a president it's not just about -- i think one of the things that the president sort of gets beaten up for is the tone. the president also doesn't project sort of the threat either. >> i think there's a general perception that we have not just drawn down sending our troops over to the middle east. we just have drawn down, period. that's concerning.
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part of it is tone. part of it is a mismanagement of expectations. part of it is that we are terrible at diplomacy. i think it's safe to say that a lot of the problems we currently have could have been more easily resolved earlier rather than now, and because we're no good at diplomacy and because we wait to exercise our economic instruments of policy, we're almost drawn inexerably into the box where we have our default incident being the use of military power, and that's not where we want to be. >> it's interesting, though, because you talk about that default in that box. there is this suggestion at least by some of the president's critics, want the critics like john mccain and marco rubio, and others in the foreign policy sphere that he has developed a false zero sum game. we either invade or do absolutely nothing. i read an interesting article in foreign policy right now on the president. he says this. he says it doesn't take much psychological insight to suggest that obama is trying to obscure a painful truth from himself. this would be ease where i enough if had he the gift for
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believing whatever was useful for him to believe, a trait which george w. bush and ronald reagan had in spades. barack obama does not. he must recognize how incongruace it is, the man sworn to the principle of the responsibility to preblgt has chosen not to stop mass slaughter, whose death toll has topped 150,000. he is talking specifically about syria, and a lot of the criticism started then when we were hesitant to intervene in a really robust way to stop what's happening there. that hes the real problem and the contradiction for the administration. >> the fact that the -- how are we going to do it? we are not going to send american troops into these
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regions. the american people don't even want it. it leads to the question what do they want? >> well, they want what they voted for, and that is for a world that doesn't really exist, never exists, has existed. nor will exist in which we live in isolation in enormous economic success and happiness. that's not going to exist. with respect to troops, we're sending troonz. i mean, we've got troops in eastern europe and we're going to have more troops in eastern europe, at least partially because of our failed diplomacy. putin has, if you want to use the term won, he has gotten what he wants, and he may, in fact, get more. he will continue -- you know, we think that because we're standing up to putin the way we are, he is going to become persona non grada because much the pain and suffering our actions have caused. exactly the opposite is true. he is an enormous hero inside russia, and to be honest with you, the economic instruments
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and policy we've used, the restriction that is we placed on a very small number of people, those have had absolutely positively no affect whatsoever on russia, and, in fact, you could argue has emboldened putin to do other things which he never would have thought of before. >> it's interesting because his sort of -- putin sort of style has not only in a lot of the same way not comparing it to george w. bush, but it was the same thing, right, when george w. bush was saying we're going to go around the world and kick the behinds of every terrorist on the planet. it felt good to americans. he got high approval out of it. that sense that we're responding robustly, putin is doing the same thing, and it's winning him fans among some in our own -- you know, in our own conservative movement, which is highly ironic and different for us to have a faction in american politics that seems to think that vladimir putin sin a stronger leader. >> vladimir putin is an oughto accurate, and is he challenging this idea, and it's fascinating. putin and assad are showing if you are willing to use force and
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massive propaganda, is it it will work, and that stirs up the pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine, and the west doesn't really know how to respond to this. if we're not willing to use military force, we talk about sanctions, and you are absolutely right. the germans won't agree to really serious sanctions. >> right. >> you don't have a way to respond to these autocrats. >> we sort of forget the elephant in the room, which is europe, which is there in the region closer to the middle east and also right there near russia, but they also have a red sense about doing anything that would deprive them of their own gasoline reserve. >> yeah, they're economically intertwined with russia. they have very little interest in cutting that off. there may be something we can do over the longer term, and that is to guarantee deliveries of fossil fuels to the europeans, but just the europeans are not very much interested in there being any conflict for their economic recovery. you know, the europeans had, like, .1% growth. they got 1.6 coming up. they're very happy the way
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things are going, and they don't want anything to stand in their way with stretches that we're putting on russia wra. they don't like that. >> russia is not exactly doing great guns in terms of their economy either. it's sort of the feel good that putin is giving for his observe standing among russians and it isn't playing out in the economy. is there something different that the president, that the united states could do to make a difference in this situation? >> i think pushing harder on economic sanctions, and tougher rhetoric. i mean, talk not about american military, but american and european economic might. in the long-term, this is a very serious threat to putin. their economy is falling apart. they have the stock market down. it's going to be a upon for him in the long-term. >> i would argue that at that point i would imagine his approval rating is there, and also here amongst some of his fans. david rode, thank you very much. colonel jack jacobs, msnbc analyst. thank you to you. now an update on a very important supreme court case that was decided today in a 5-4 decision split along partisan
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lines. the court today upheld the government meetings, in this case a town hall meeting in greece, new york may include an opening prayer. one of the supporters of that verdict, dr. rob shake of the evangelical faith and action ministry led a prayer in front of a supreme court hours after the decision. he also had this to say about the decision. >> this case is a victory for every american citizen's god-given first amendment guaranteed rights of speech, assembly, and especially the free exercise of religion. >> in his majority opinion, just as kennedy wrote in part, the inclusion of a brief ceremonial prayer as part of a larger exercise in civic recognition suggests its purpose and affect are to acknowledge religious leaders and the institutions they represent rather than to exclude or coerce nonbelievers. however, in her disenting
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opinion, justice kagen wrote the clergy put some of us in an unenviable choice like pretending to pray like the rest of its majority or declining the activity." coming up, they're still there, they're still armed, and they're heroes still not paying his bill. now, lawmakers are trying to kick cliven bundy's militia friends off the federal land they've been hanging out on for weeks. plus, the story of nearly 300 abducted nigerian school girls gets even worse as a leader of a terrorist and then announces his plans for the girls. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit your hard earned cash back" card . it's not the "confused by rotating categories" card. it's the no-category-gaming, no-look-passing, clear-the-lane-i'm- going-up-strong, backboard-breaking, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every single day.
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let me tell you something i know about the negro. [ laughter ] >> you don't really need to hear the rest of it. don't start your sentence that way. >> that happens to be true. so cliven bundy has extended his 15 minutes of fame all the way to becoming a presidential punch line, but when president obama made a pretty good joke out of the what bundy knows about people of color, what bundy's armed supporters continue to do to his neighbors in nevada isn't funny at all. the associated press reports that in encamp meants around the bundy ranch self-described militia members from around the country continue to camp with handgun on their hips and heavier weaponry within reach of a show of support for bundy. i mean, within reach of a show of support for bundy. that may not be sitting well with the citizens of bunkerville who increasingly are complaining to their local officials that they would prefer that bundy's armed militia friends go home. speaking at a clark county democratic convention, nevada
11:16 am
congressman steven horseford said he is calling on governor sandoval, senator dean heller, and the sheriff to do their part to get rid of these armed separatists. congressman horseford said people in his district, including a fifth grade girl, are coming up to him and asking what are you going to do to get the militia out? so far there's been a fair amount of buck passing but no action. the governor said i rely on sheriff gillespie. i trust in his judgment. as for republican senator dean heller, he is previously referred to bundy's armed supporters as patriots, but did distance himself from the rancher after those racist comments, but there's no indication he is weighing in on whether the militias should leave. bundy still owes more than $1 million in fees at penalties for letting his cattle graze on federal land over the past 20 years. the question is how long will an armed militia be allowed to set up camp in a u.s. state to defend a man whose stand against the government is about bilking taxpayers. joining me now is nevada
11:17 am
assembly man david bobsian. assemblyman, first of all, are you hearing from nevadans that this situation where you have basically an armed camp set up outside the bundy ranch is causing them discomfort? >> well, i am, joy. hearing from nevada residents, but i'm also hearing from people outside the state, and that's what concerns me as an assembly man. i had a breakfast with the ceo of a company that just expanded the operations in nevada, and the topic that dominated at the table was trespass cattle and armed militia members, and that's embarrassing. it is -- it does make us a bit of a punch line, but even more importantly and this is what the congressman is responding to is that, yes, there are residents of the bunkerville area that feel very unsafe in this current climate. >> i think it's really uneasing to those of us who live out of nevada that you can actually have basically armed militias roving public lands with guns
11:18 am
and in some cases high-powered weaponry in plain view. there's a famous sort of picture of one guy laying on his stomach camped out pointing what looks like a high-powered rifle. that this situation could go on in the united states and that there not be some sort of police response. is this legal to do? >> well, this is kind of the problem. it definitely seems like an atmosphere, more reminiscent of eastern ukraine than it is clark county, nevada. it is a problem. certainly we heard that the sheriff is now working with congressman horseford and the governor has made some statements, but i agree with the congressman that all elected officials in the state from the governor on down and also senator heller, we all need to now join together and call for these groups to leave the state. >> it is calling for them to go all that can be done. i really do find it shocking that you simply have to ask nicely for these people to leave and that you really could have people intimidating fellow citizens. you know, there could be children in the area. there could be people trying to
11:19 am
do business as you mentioned in the area. this can't be good, and there is really nothing more legally that can be done to make them leave. >> the call is important because i think the call comes on the heels of our comments from elected officials that pretty much embrace these folks. you we now have an obligation to make it clear that they're not william here. again, it is a law enforcement issue, and as i understand, talking with the congressman's staff and his office that they are coordinating with the sheriff to look into this matter and see if we can't find some ways to resolve this issue. >> and, finally, sir, is this starting to impact things like tourism? you said it's bad for the image of nevada, but are you starting to see those kind of ripple effects? >> absolutely. i think we're starting to see some numbers coming in from the mesquite area, from the bunkerville area about hotel nights that have been canceled, folks not wanting to come here. it was quite a powerful symbol to see i-15, the major route
11:20 am
into las vegas close down at the height of these tensions by this group. that's not okay, and as far as i'm concerned, the fact that so many folks are asking me about it, even from out of state, it's first on everyone's mind. that has to have an impact on us, and not in a good way. >> i can't imagine that your public officials, including the governor, your senators, could go on much longer not doing anything about it or at least saying anything about it. we do appreciate you doing so today. nevada assemblyman, thanks. >> thank you. >> all right. still ahead, scientists claim they found the fountain of youth, but as you might expect, there's a catch. passenger: road trip buddy. let's put some music on. woman: welcome to learning spanish in the car. passenger: you've got to be kidding me. driver: this is good. woman: vamanos. driver & passenger: vamanos. woman: gracias. driver & passenger: gracias. passenger: trece horas en el carro sin parar y no traes musica. driver: mira entra y comprame unas papitas. vo: get up to 795 miles per tank in the tdi clean diesel. the volkswagen passat. recipient of the j.d. power appeal award,
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tales like this. >> lips red as blood. hair black as night. bring me your heart, my dear, dear snow white. >> that, of course, being the big screen adaptation "snow white and the huntsmen." today you are buzzing about the new studies showing that the blood of young myself may make the cells of older myself useful again. scientists think could be true for us humans as well. if are you young and vibrant and happen to be strolling through the enchanted wood, watch out for wicked witches and apparently scientists. now to the world of sports. craig robinson, older brother of first lady michelle obama is trending on twitter. he was fired sunday as head coach of the oregon state university's men's basketball team. some are whispering that robinson was kept on for six seasons because of his close connection to president obama. some of you are sending tweets about the timing of his alleged separation, like this one.
11:25 am
"the question for osu isn't why fire craig robinson? it's why fire him now?" many of you are tweeting about the reported terms of his separation, noting that robinson might still collect $4 million on his contract, as if that kind of thing never happens in the world of sports and big name coaches. we'll have more on this story soon. now something festive. you can't stop tweeting about cinco de mayo. unfortunately, this cinco de mayo a lime shortage might put a damp other your festivities. bad weather was an initial cause of the crisis. the price of limes has skyrocketed from $15 to $100 a case. bars and restaurants are, of course, passing the cost on to their customers. reports say growers are any being threatened by mexican drug cartels who want to cut of the farmers' lime production, making the situation even worse. you might not get a lime in your corona today, but not to worry. we've heard that lemon margaritas are just as tasty. enjoy. do join the conversation with fellow reiders on facebook,
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instagram, twitter and now this news. vice president joe biden and his wife jill hosted a special cinco de mayo breakfast this morning where he made a push for immigration reform. >> when we pass immigration reform, it is going to happen -- not only in mexico, but throughout the entire hemisphere. we'll be saying, hey, all these folks we treat with respect, view them as citizens, and they are as competent and capable and welcome as anybody else. >> here's more on the origin of cinco de mayo by the numbers. vo: once upon a time there was a boy who traveled to a faraway place where villages floated on water
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welcome back to "the reid report." it's now been three weeks since hundreds of young girls were kidnapped there their school in nigeria. it had been a foregone conclusion that the islamic terrorist group boko haram. they threaten to sell the girls as slaves. as nigeria's government comes under increasing scrutiny for not doing enough to find the missing girls, new reports say the country's first lady patience jonathan is lashing out against leaders of last week's protest. according to the associated press, one of the women leading that demonstration was arrested and several others are missing. the first lady is said to have "expressed doubts that there was any kidnapping, accused them of belonging to the terrorist network, and a fabricating the abductions to give nigeria's government and her husband "a bad name." president goodluck jonathan spoke out in his first on camera interview since the kidnappings asking for maximum cooperation
11:31 am
from parents who he says "have not been able to give police clear identity of the girl." the president also vowed everything is being done to bring them home. >> we'll surely get them out. i've discussed with president obama at least two times. >> as supporters gathered in d.c. to rally for the girls' safe return home over the weekend, secretary of state john kerry was in africa on a previously scheduled trip and promised u.s. help. >> let me be clear, the kidnapping of hundreds of children by boko haram is an unconscionable crime, and we will do everything possible to support the nigerian government to return these young women. >> u.s. officials say aid could come in the form of intelligence help to fight boko haram, whose
11:32 am
appetite for violence and bloodshed appears to be on the rise. joining me now to discuss the controversy surrounding the search for these missing girls, nigerian writer lola. lola, thank you so much for being here. i wanted to talk to you today because of two parts of this. you wrote in a leent college for "the sunday times" the following. you said, "if this had taken place in the u.k. or anywhere else in the west, there t would be no doubt that it would have been considered an international crisis." you also wrote, "while nigerians have come to expect inept tud from the nigerian government, in this kind of case it's unacceptable." address for me those two parts of this story, equally tragic. one, this isn't stofr a bigger story around the world, and, two, the nigerian government's own role in it. >> well, the first is that what it has tang to get to the point where people are now discussing the story in the way that we are today is really everyday people on twitter saying hold on a second. what's going on? why isn't anyone talking about
11:33 am
this? why isn't anyone reporting it? because obviously there was a story with the malaysian airlines flight that disappeared. then there were the korean children and the ship. meanwhile, this other story came up, and it was kind of floating around but it wasn't being taken very seriously, and it took some people using facebook and twitter to say, hold on a second, what about these girls? yes, they might be in nigeria. you know, maybe you don't know where they're from in particular, but isn't this as important as the malaysia airways story? isn't this as important as the korean story? imagine if this had happened in america. nearly 300 young women abducted from a school. i mean, it would be everywhere. there's that aspect of it. when it comes to the government issue, the fact that it took the president nearly three weeks to speak out on something like this is absolutely disgraceful and unacceptable really. we're talking about young people, innocent people, women
11:34 am
who basically have been driven off into the night to basically seemingly to be trafficked if they're alive at all. >> did it surprise you to hear, as it did me, the comments from president goodluck jonathan's wife, herself a woman, a mother, and her reaction to this abduction of these girls to essentially blame it on the families and to sort of dispairage the families. is that surprising to you as an observer of the nigerian first family? >> it's not surprising in the way that to me it seems like the president and his wife are not very good at taking responsibility, so, you know, she is saying that, you know, they're trying to make him look bad or trying to disparage the president. that to me just sounds like someone that can't accept the role of, you know, listen, you're here to lead. that's what people want. it's not for you to start blaming anybody else. i'm not surprised from that
11:35 am
perspective, but what surprises me is the lack of empathy, the insensitivity, and the sort of complete, you know, lack of urgency, this looks days cal, oh, yeah, we'll find them sometime. >> right. >> that is shocking to me. >> talk a little bit about boko haram and what level of a threat they pose to the government? how stable is this government? we noticed since 2010 there have been 2,300 deaths associated with boko haram's activity. muslim-christian clashes have risen during that time. how much of a threat are they to the stability of the nigerian government? >> very threatening because they are increasingly audacious. they're attacking civilians all over the place. they don't have a concern. the thing is they're shadowy group. you know, we don't necessarily know exactly who they are. they're in different areas. they might be linked to al qaeda. we don't really know how well-funded they are, how much equipment and weapons they have
11:36 am
and that sort of thing. the other thing is this particular point in time nigeria is growing in prominence on the international stage as a country that has, you know, the potential to be an economic powerhouse in the future, but the only way that can happen is if there's political stability. now, the government itself has its issues with corruption and that kind of thing, but the threat of a militant group who are, you know, unscrupulous and can attack any time is not good for countries either political stability or the economic stability whereby you might want foreigners to come in and start businesses and that kind of thing. they do pose a grave threat, and it's just terrorizing the people as well, which is, of course, frightening. >> and, lastly, do we know the status of the -- of one of the protest leaders, one of the mothers who was reportedly arrested? do we know if she is still being held, or do we know what her status is? >> i heard that she and someone else may have been released, but i can't verify that for sure, but that is what i heard.
11:37 am
>> this is certainly a story that we've been following and will continue to follow and one that is being driven a lot by social media, and hopefully will start to get more attention from traditional media as well. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. all right. up next punch lines and zingers. the best jokes from the weekend's white house correspondents dinner and some think comedian joel mchale may have gone too far. also, the snl joke that's causing even more outrage. (meow mix jingle) right on cue. it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with wholesome ingredients and irresistible taste, it's the only one cats ask for by name. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. you can easily buy and schedule services from top-rated providers. conveniently stay up to date on progress.
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11:41 am
the 47% called mitt romney to apologize. >> if you book a comedian to headline your event or to be a comedy writer on a weekly sketch comedy show, you're definitely going to get comedy. it might not always be politically correct. sometimes, let's just say, not everyone will be laughing. community and the soup comedian joel mchale spared no one in his mono log. could you hear the growns in the room as he gave the business to everyone from president obama to hillary clinton, to vice president joe biden, and even senator ted cruz. >> the tea party, anti-socialism and anti-immigration so, it makes sense that their hero is a cuban from canada. poignant. that one was poignant. it's crazy to think that joe biden is only one heart beat away from no one taking him seriously as president. i'm sorry for that one.
11:42 am
speaking of digestive systems, chris christie is here. he is actually here tonight. wow. sir, you are a glutton for punishment. here we go. >> at about the same time on "saturday night live" writer leslie jones was making her on screen debut. jones, writer laqendra, were all hired by snl earlier this year after the show came under criticism for its lack of a black woman cast member. on saturday this is how jones was introduced to the "snl" audience. >> the way we view black beauty has changed. look at me. see, see, i'm single right now, but back in the slave days, i would have never been single. i'm 6 feet tall, and i'm strong, college, strong. i mean, look at me. i'm a mandingo. >> you're not saying you would rather be a slave, right? >> i do not want to be a slave. hell, i don't like working for
11:43 am
you white people right now and y'all pay me. i'm just saying that back in the slave days my love life would have been way better. master would have hooked me up with the best brother on the plantation, and every nine months i would be in the corner having a super baby. every nine months. every nine months i would be in the corner just popping them up. just shaq, kobe, lebron. >> the reaction on twitter was quick with some people saying you just don't joke about slavery. jones isn't backing down. she lit up her own twitter account with a pointed rebuttal. "i'm a comic. it's my job to take things and make them funny. to make you think. especially the painful things. why are y'all so mad? this joke wasn't even written -- this joke was written from the pain that one night i realized that black men don't really [ bleep ] with me and why am i single? and that in slave days i would have always had a man because of
11:44 am
breeding. if anybody should be ochbtd offended it's white folks because it's what they did." as a comic, it is ms. jones' job to make people laugh, but did she go too far by also making them cringe? we reached out for a comment from "snl" but did not hear back. joining me now to discuss is comedian and actress jackie fabulous and chris witherspoon, the entertainment editor for "the greo." i want to go back to the correspond ebts dinner. i was in the room listening to it. you were there as well covering it. it sort of felt like it was funny in the room, but on twitter people might have had a different reaction. what was the reaction like to joel mchale? >> i think people were a little shocked. there were a couple of jokes that he did that went sour, but here's the thing, he is young. he is kind of now. he is trending. the white house correspondents association knew what they were getting when they got him. he is brilliant on "the soup." i'm a fan of the show. he makes you kind of draw your jaw or clutch your pearls.
11:45 am
he made if any of himself from the beginning. he said i'm on a show that's not that highly rated on nbc. i'm also on a show on e. he did what president obama did. he made fun of himself as well. you have to make of yourself and then go and make fun of the audience, and did he it well, i thought. >> i want to play you joan rivers who is not known for being a shy and reticent person. take a listen. >> do you draw the line anywhere? >> of course. of course. you don't talk about something that ended in a tragedy, but you know what comedians are for? to make life palettable, and you laugh at things, and move on. this country has become so scared to say anything that it's very sad. >> you know, jackie, one of the things that joel mchale was criticized was the joke at chris christie. at the after party they took pictures together. it was all fine.
11:46 am
do you think there's such a thing as too far at a roast? >> the point of a roast, you go to a roast knowing you're going to get your feelings hurt. there's going to be tears. a lot of drinking. this is a comedian's holy grail. any roast, any speech that has to be made, this is amazing for a comic, and you make jokes that are going to hurt people's feelings. you can't have a caucus every time a comedian offends someone. he was hilarious. it was a prayer come true for him. i thought he was amazing, and the deeper and the more he hurt anyone's feelings, the funnier i thought he was. that's our job. >> i want to go back to "snl's" controversy, chris, because this is the context for this is that leslie jones, ashir and the third writer were actually hired because "snl" was criticized for not being diverse enough. now they bring this diversity, and ironically, was it that maybe snl's format was not really ready for what she was bringing to the table? >> i think what life people are outraged about is is it wasn't smart humor. she just came on and began talking about slavery, came --
11:47 am
she's really having her as i understand rela moment to being at a slave auction or being at a plantation. it was in poor taste. if she could have worked in donald sterling or cliven bundy and somehow made it smarter, we have a story on the grio that said it would have been a hit. it was a big miss. the timing right now, we're in a really racially sensitive heightened time with all of these things happening. "snl" probably should have known better. it's a comedy show. >> it's a comedy show. we actually reached out to some xhidians to get their reaction as well. claudia wal yashgs one of the folks that sent us back a statement. this is what she said, "i wasn't as offended, but it did make me uncomfortable. the energy of that piece didn't fit the show. it made snl look desperate to show, hey, we can be as edgy at key and peete, but they can't. it's a little different than say a cable format or even live sketch comedy? >> you do have to be more careful on network television. i disagree with you. i have seen leslie before
11:48 am
hundreds of times. she was aggressively funny. that's her job. they've said way worse things on "weekend update" throughout the years. she was amazing. she was hilarious. being a juicy woman myself, i know i'm going for a top dollar in the slavery day because i had birthing hips and birthing boobs. her father told her what the world was like back then. black people were like the way you buy shoes in macy's and in order strom. we were on display. that's the truth. the fact that it's funny now, we're making light of something that was horrible. that's the reality. >> i think a lot of folks, though, are outraged because we haven't seen black women on "snl" that often. we see her on for the first time making history. this is the first time we've seen a black writer on "snl" in a long time, and this is what she comes out saying. >> she came out like, bam, i'm here. let's do it. take the opportunity. a black woman is on it. now you're going to hear how funny we can be, and i'm proud of her. >> i want to see what else she can do where. >> you can't contain that in the writing room. this is how she is all the time.
11:49 am
>> i see the edge. this debate i'm sure will continue on twitter. and we can take it off line. we really appreciate you both being here. swraky fabulous. the fabulous chris witherspoon, great seeing you in d.c. too for the correspondents dinner. thank you both. coming up, reid between the lines. we are going to take you to grammar school or maybe just expose one of my personal pet peeves. (music) defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain, you turned up the fun. tylenol® provides strong pain relief while being gentle on your stomach. but for everything we do,
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okay. i'm going to depart from the usual "reid between the lines" tradition, which is all of ten weeks old, and end today's show way pet peeve, or as my producers put, it i have hijacked the f-block to engage in a little grammar policing. this weekend my husband and i drove down to washington for the white house correspondents dinner.
11:53 am
that's us there. on the road as we passed through multiple states i discovered that an annoying phenomenon that i thought was confined to new york city is actually far more pervasive. following guest, as in may i help the following guest" has become not my little language bugaboo, but it seems to become the way that people who work in the retail business from the drugstore to the coffee shop to the supermarket summon the next customer in line. the following guest. remember when people behind the counter used to say next guest. occasionally truncated the less customer friendly next. at some point, some genius corporate marketing suit must have decided that the way to impose high case snobery on the everyday retail experience and dress up their branding in the process was to get their employees to say following guest instead. a few years ago nathan heller pinned the blame on starbucks writing "that the
11:54 am
grammar blog had been put on edge by the coffee shop's grat atically dubious customer-summoning language, quote "can he help the following guest" a hideous phrase that's off mark from its first word to its last." particularly as it raises the question, following what? "the post" detailed other barrista crimes against the language, like using grande to mean medium. believe it or not, there is a vigorous on-line debate over whether following guest is a grammatical crime at all or just a misdemeanor. when used as an adjective, following does mean next in order or time, as in we met the following day bushgt when it comes to people standing in line, if you don't actually have the names of the customers, as in would the following customer joe please step forward, wouldn't next guest or next customer make more sense? would changing it back be too, as in t-o-o not t-o much to ask. if you have a language beef, you
11:55 am
would like to share tweet me at my bugaboo _#. that wraps things up for the reid report. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. eastern, and be sure to visit us on-line at the reid the cycle is up next. okay, cyclists. tell me your buggaboos or what's coming up on the show. >> it drives me up a wall when people misuse the word literally. it is fingers on a chalkboard to me. most of the time it's not -- >> that's lots of words. >> most of the time people use the word literally not to mean something literal. it drives me nuts. i do appreciate you on the grammar cop beat. i want to see more of that. we're going to have kind of a monster themed show today. >> okay. >> we're going to talk about donald sterling. we're going to talk about vladimir putin, and i'm going to talk about the real origin of godzilla. the movie will be coming out, but six years ago god zila was introduced to japan as a living
11:56 am
nuclear bomb to deal with their atomophobia. >> that is fascinating. monsters inc on "the cycle" today. coming up next. [ woman ] i've always tried to see things from the best angle i could.
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diversifying your portfolio? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? right now los angeles clippers face their next big test tonight. the oklahoma city thunder. trying to shut down donald sterling once and for all. >> cycling now, another setback in the search formal asian flight 370. i'm krystal ball, and searchers are starting from square one. in politics two super tuesdays in a row. krystal ball can barely contain herself. >> i'm jonathan capart in for ari. sir, it's all fun and games until the msnbc jokes start flying.
12:00 pm
i love that election music. primary season starts manana. we're excited about using that track every week, and, yes, election day is six months away, but the may mayhem is already starting tomorrow. primary voters come out in indiana, north carolina, and ohio. it's our very first super tuesday, krystal. another eight states vote by the end of the month before the june and july madness begins and just in time. a new poll shows the state of the race is tilting slightly toward republicans. the gop has a four-point advantage on the generic congressional ballot. doesn't seem like much, but at this point four years ago the parties were dead even, and we all know what happened that november. republicans picked up 63 seats on the hill in a wave on that ship. right before we get all serious this monday afternoon, the tone in d.c. this weekend was much